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IRONCLAD CYBER Award winning SIEM platform SAS

Let our skilled cyber security experts take the worry out of protecting your organization. We have multiple 24x7x365 SOC’s monitoring and remediating real-time threats protecting organizations globally and assuring all risks are quickly identified and delt with.

Breach incident response

Our SOC analysts are trained to respond to incidents ranging from Ransomware infections to Denial of Service attacks. Our SOC analysts also assist your IT department, as they are usually the first line of defense.

Coverage varies and is based on the service level agreement in place. In the event of a breach, a team will be assigned to the compromised business unit and will work with the IT group until the threat is eliminated.

Endpoint management and monitoring

SOC analysts can use an array of endpoint software to monitor your devices and keep them free of malware, ransomware, and other source of infection.

Our endpoint products are best in breed for preventing zero day exploits, and ransomware on your network.

Security device management

SOC analysts are agnostic and trained on a variety of technologies and follow the highest standards to ensure a limited threat vector from insider threats and external attackers.

Security devices can also have their syslog and intrusion detection event logs forwarded for collection, which allows for additional monitoring capabilities.

Employee monitoring

To understand employee vulnerabilities we have a full data loss prevention suit to help mitigate employee level breaches

Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing

Vulnerability assessments are intended to provide situational awareness on large networks to ensure patching is in place, proper hardening has been implemented, and also to lower risk by using IronClad Cyber Security Secure Solution state-of-the-art ‘Assess, Remediate, and Monitor’ (ARM) process. The ARM process insures that the risk footprint is reduced and that continuous monitoring is in place to satisfy PCI and HIPAA requirements.

Digital Forensics

IRONCLAD CYBER SECURITY forensic capabilities expand beyond what is offered by SOC analysts. We can perform forensics on mobile phones, tablets, drives, and any device requiring investigation.

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